Our Mission

A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that spiritual practices are associated with improved health and well-being. As a result, it is our mission to raise awareness of these benefits by sharing India’s incredible spiritual resources with Australia and the rest of the world.

For almost nearly a decade, the CommunityConnections Foundation has promoted personal and spiritual growth in order to assist women in coping with stress, anxiety, and depression so they can finally move forward in life and business. We teach women awareness of thoughts, emotions and behaviour patterns using Counselling and Psychology therapies. We also teach yoga and meditation to deepen the healing process.

The Community Connections Foundation is a New Humanity Collaborative Communities initiative inspired by Meher Baba, the Spiritual Master and Avatar. We also have strong spiritual ties with Gurus Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Shirdi Baba, Jesus Christ, and Gautama Buddha. See more about us.

Community Connections Foundations raises funds by providing counselling, energy healing sessions, spiritual and business training, health and detox lectures, and information services aimed at improving health, well-being, and lifestyle.