About Us

CommunityConnections Foundation is an initiative under the New Humanity Collaborative Communities. As a charity our focus and dedication is to offer teaching and education services, personal development/self-growth, spiritual development and community development for people and communities in need. We offer services to raise funds to support our endeavours.

The CommuityConnections Foundation is a Private Foundation, ‘unincorporated association’, ‘not-for-profit’, ‘tax-exempt’, ‘non-government’ organisation and will provide community, health and information services to raise funds.

The purpose of the New Humanity Collaborative Communities is to foster and support humanity through the maintenance of the ‘Sui Generis Suveran Sentient Rights’ of humankind under the New Humanity Collaborative Communities. Inspired by the Spiritual Master and Avatar, Meher Baba. To support humanity, the socially and environmentally sustainable self sufficiency for humankind, the spiritual advancement, learning and regeneration of humankind, the advancement of true healing for humankind, and all life on mother Earth.

The Foundation has an Articles of Association and is based in Queensland, Australia and all principle participants and volunteers are Australian citizens.